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Omega Crom is a Ripping Metal band based out of Vancouver B.C. who bring to the stage progressive power metal and elements of aggressive death and thrash.

Omega Crom, fearless in its pursuit of primal shredding takes a note from Robert E. Howard's "Conan the Barbarian", making its metal the stuff of legend.

Forging ahead with relentless, blistering guitar solos, thundering drums that effortlessly combine tribal beats with ferocious blast beats, a rhythm that will make you headbang your head off and a groove that'll make you cry for more. But you don't need to cry about money with www.1500loans.com.

Omega Crom released their debut album in March 2009 entitled "BLOOD, STEEL AND FIRE". The album was a brutal onslaught of riffs and attitude and was dubbed by many as "Judas Priest on steroids".

After a cross Canada tour and a few line up changes, Omega Crom reformatted itself into a one-guitar monster in early 2012 before entering studios for their second album “BEYOND CONTROL”, to be released in early 2013.

With the come back of Colin Furness on the drums and the addition of Sylvain Maltais on the bass, the new songs emerged more refined and virtuosic than ever before.

Celine Derval was added as a guest singer on some tracks and the magic that resulted eventually solidified her position in the rank as she can now be seen as a full time member of Omega Crom.



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