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Featuring Johnny Ketlo on guitar and vocals, Sylvain Maltais on bass and Colin Furness on drums.
Celine Derval of Scythia appears in several tracks and is now actually singing full time in the band with Johnny!!!
Killer new album slated to drop THIS SUMMER titled ' BEYOND CONTROL'
SHOWS and TOURING dates soon to be announced with www.ipcloans.com.


Download the new single 'POWER SOUL'
cd baby powersoul



Lead vocalist and co-lead guitarist Johnny Ketlo (replacing former frontman Stu Block, now with Iced Earth) name-checked both Megadeth and Judas Priest as influences, and the band covered both during its set ("Five Magics" and "Painkiller", respectively, with Ketlo effortlessly replicating Rob Halford's falsetto shrieks).

- The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)


"Blood, Steel & Fire is approved and recommended for those who like powerful Metal and who don’t fear being different, but always remain true and to the point. Imagine picking up Painkiller (Judas Priest) and playing large doses of aggressiveness. That is Omega Crom, a turbo-charged Judas Priest. 8/10"

- Roadie Crew

"An interesting oddity from Canadian new comers Omega Crom... from full on thrash assaults to pumping epic anthems...it's refreshing to hear bands mixing things up like this"

- Powerplay Magazine (UK)

"Fearless in its pursuit of shredding, Omega Crom explodes with promise, ripping open the heavens and plundering the thunder therein. "

- FFWD Weekly (Calgary)

"The Vancouver-based guitar shredders of Omega Crom had fans on their knees and the crowd excited about their solid metal tunes."

- Toronto Metal Music Examiner (Live Concert Review)

"It's safe to say featured band Omega Crom blew away everyone in the room, being far more intense and unique than anything experienced at the bigger show just prior. A heavy thrash / black metal amalgamation, these guys are ones to watch for."

- Edmonton Sun (Cradle of Filth / Arch Enemy after party show review)

"A metallic jambalaya, the band are clearly interested in varying their attack to include everything from black metal's eerie atmosphere to death-y chug riffs and rumbling undercurrent."

- Exclaim!

"I was blown away with the talent standing before me that night. Unlike some of the underground metal I’ve been around, you can hear the expert abilities of each band member at any given time...Omega Crom is skilfully and fearlessly reclaiming heavy metal’s position in underground music.(Live Review)"

- Fazer Magazine (Toronto)

"The drummer is a god of thunder on the kit."

- CWG Magazine

"Omega Crom's eagerly anticipated debut album 'Blood, Steel & Fire' was launched on April 5th, 2010. I highly recommend it to seasoned metal fans because this is an interesting take on what you already like."

- Uber Rock  (UK)

"Omega Crom has developed an explosive signature style that features topical songs with blistering guitar riffs and a driving blast beat enhanced by technical complexity and speed."

- St. Albert Gazette

“Canadian “ripping metal” juggernaut…For their debut album, “Blood, Steel and Fire,” it’s a metal revolution.” - 4/5 "

- CWG Magazine

"These guys let themselves go, breaking the shackles of the genre. "

- Metal France


"Listen to the track "Battlefield", a killer!"

- MusicWaves.fr (France)

"Omega Crom’s ‘Blood, Steel & Fire’ is an impressive debut."

- Confront Magazine


"This is some ass kickin metal with plenty of headbanging riffs. If you can’t headbang to a song like Battlefield then your not a metal fan. Excellent job on this one guys."

- Metalcore Fanzine

"These heavy metal guys are definitely bad ass!... Play it loud! "

- WeLoveMetal.com

“Omega Crom’s new CD “Blood Steel and Fire” is a testament to hard work and heavy music.” "

- L.A. Beat


"Earshot-Online.com - 2010 #3 Loud Charts - Week Ending May 18 - (source: Earshot) #4 Loud Charts - Week Ending May 11 - (source: Earshot) #4 Loud Charts - Week Ending May 4 - (source: Earshot) #1 Loud Charts - Week Ending April 27 - (source: Earshot) #2 Loud Charts - Week Ending April 20 - (source: Earshot) # 1 Loud Charts - Week Ending April 13 - (source: Earshot) # 2 Loud Charts - Week Ending April 6 - (source: Earshot) # 5 Loud Charts (Debut) - Week Ending March 30 (source: Earshot) ChartAttack.com - 2010 #4 Metal/Punk Charts - May 9 - May 15 - (source: ChartAttack) #3 Metal/Punk Charts - May 2 - May 8 - (source: ChartAttack) #2 Metal/Punk Charts - April 25 - May 1 - (source: ChartAttack) #4 Metal/Punk Charts - April 18 - April 24 - (source: ChartAttack) #1 Metal/Punk Charts - April 11-April 17 - (source: ChartAttack) #2 Loud Charts - April 04 - April 10 - (source: ChartAttack) #7 Loud Charts (Debut) - March 28 - April 03 - (source: ChartAttack)"

- Radio Charts - Canadian Campus Radio - Blood, Steel & Fire

"If you had to pick one song to play for someone to fully understand what Omega Crom is about, it would be "Metal Revolution" ... an album that stands apart from the paint by numbers crowd. This album should help to garner the Omega Crom guys some due attention"

- Metal-Rules.com

"OMEGA CROM gives us an energetic and melodic look into Power Thrash done their way... epic album closer "Metal Revolution""

- Metal-Observer.com

"If Iron Maiden, 3 Inches Of Blood and Into Eternity had a lovechild, it would sound something like this...Omega Crom deliver a high octane, testosterone fuelled charge into the realms of power, thrash and traditional metal territory."

- Home Nucleonics Blog | Throwing The Horns Blog

"With "Blood, Steel and Fire," Omega Crom has taken the metal of their forefathers and forged it into a mighty ax that will cut down all non-believing metalheads. Highs: Superb playing all around, but "Battlefield" and especially "The Passing Of Azazel" stand out. Bottom line: A superb thrasher that blends elements of the greatest bands in metal. 4/5

- MetalUnderground.com

"This being my first time hearing Omega Crom, I was quite surprised. They are an extremely talented band: excellent players with well-written, well-performed songs... with fast lead breaks, fierce double kick, and loads of melody. Omega Crom manage to do what a lot of bands today cannot, which is have an old school sensibility and still manage to sound modern"

- Pitchblack.ca

“Omega Crom are one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets, now ready to thrash , kick, and punch your lights out! Heavy Metal Maniacs with their new cd release Blood, Steel and Fire.""

- CKCU 89.1FM (Ottawa) – Pure Radio Kaos

"“Battlefield” hits listeners like a battering ram pounding at a fortress gate...Blood, Steel & Fire has it all...a respectable introduction to the metal stylings of Omega Crom. Their wide range of source material should make for a wide appeal within the metal genre; the intense sense of energy should keep listeners energized; and the band’s technical skill showcases a group oozing potential...Omega Crom will likely produce some truly epic metal masterpieces"

- ThePunkSite.com

"Omega Crom's eagerly anticipated debut album 'Blood, Steel & Fire' was launched on April 5th, 2010. I highly recommend it to seasoned metal fans because this is an interesting take on what you already like."

- Uber Rock - (UK)

"A metal album through and through, sure to please metal fans."

- The Meliorist (University of Lethbridge)

"This is not a band that is ashamed to wave the flag of metal"

- Metallian.com

"Omega Crom rolled through Thunder Bay and performed an intense live set"

- The Argus - Thunder Bay, ON

"These guys pretty much cover all styles of popular Metal & are sure to pull in more fans because of it too. IRON MAIDEN & JUDAS PRIEST meets TESTAMENT & old METALLICA meets IMMOLATION & INCANTATION. All this means is you must buy this album!!!"

- Beowolf Webzine

"One of the best elements of Omega Crom’s material is their ability to seamlessly blend several different metal styles into a single song."

- CosmosGaming.com

“Blood, Steel and Fire is a damn good record that will have you snapping your neck with reckless abandon in no time at all.” "

- PuregrainAudio.com


"Blood, Steel & Fire is a great debut album to showcase the bands broad range of talent, from the vocals right down to the ripping guitar solos."

- XplosiveMetal.com

“As soon as “Battlefield” kicked in I couldn’t help but start nodding my head. The driving drums and shredding guitars instantly had me hooked” "

- TheNewReview.net – 4/5

“On "Prisoner" and subsequent tracks, these guys just show a disturbing level of talent and ferocity, keeping you banging your head for last half hour of the disc (that's several minutes longer than a typical Slayer album!)."

- Hollywood Music Examiner

"Just a phenomenal vocalist. That, in conjunction with the band's overall matured, seasoned sense of confidence, amazing, energetic stage presence, and flawless tightness resulted in a performance that no-one in the room could ignore.” "

- MetalEater.com


"“An explosive mix of classic, IRON MAlDEN / JUDAS PRlEST-influenced heavy metal with a modem death / thrash edge…. "

- MetalEater.com

"They were crushingly heavy and fast with tons of ripping solos, but the highlight was the vocals" "

- Metal-Rules.com




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